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Alternative Energy and Lighting

Looking to "GO GREEN?" Evans Electric can help. From light fixture retrofitting and replacement, to wind and solar power  generation, we can assist in making your facility energy friendly. Our staff will evaluate your current energy consumption and find solutions to help you conserve energy and dollars.

Our team is dedicated to finding the best energy conscious solutions and helping to secure any Government or power provider grants to keep construction costs down and savings up.  Once a plan is in place, our union electricians are ready to help implement your solution.  Contact us today and see what "going green" can do for your facility.


Evans Electric offers an array of different energy efficient lighting products. Whether you are looking for full fixture replacement, fixture retrofitting, or installation of energy saving controls such as occupancy sensors and dimming panels Evans Electric, utilizing the newest technologies in fluorescent and LED lighting can cut your energy consumption. Have an office or warehouse currently using older fluorescent fixtures or high bay fixtures? Our green specialist will conduct a survey of your facility, search for any power provider or government grants available to help with installation costs, and design a plan to replace your current lighting with a new energy efficient product that will cut your energy usage and save you money. Call or Email us today and let one of our specialists evaluate your facility.


Put the “Windy City” to work for you. Evans Electric provides installation of wind turbine systems that are capable of providing your facility with a clean source of alternative energy that will lower your facilities energy usage and lower utility costs. We offer several brands of wind turbines that are capable of delivering from 10,000 kWh up to 200,000 kWh of electricity. From Residences and small businesses up to schools, hospitals, and large manufacturing facilities, we offer a solution that will save time and money all while going green. Contact us today for an evaluation of your facility.


Evans Electric offers numerous solar energy solutions for all different types of facilities. With solar power, you can save money on electricity usage every day while at the same time demonstrating environmental responsibility. Make your facility green today by using clean solar energy. Contact us today for an evaluation of your facility.

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